Thanks For Your Interest In Becoming Our Ambassador!

Over the last month, dozens of entrepreneurs have signed up to do “VIP Days” with me, or all-day strategy sessions designed to help our friends grow their businesses. This whole thing started out as an experiment when I made a post about how a client earned an additional $282,000 in their first 35 days of working with us over a Saturday afternoon and emailed a few people about it over the weekend, who hired us to work with them on the spot.

At first, I charged $997, and then I tried charging $1497. Still, no one was batting an eyelash at the price, and so now I’ve raised it to $1997 and plan on going to $2497 or $2997 soon.

As this experiment continues (in the last 4 years I’ve only taken on consulting clients at multi-month retainer packages starting at $6K/month, so this pricing is a bit new, but it’s working!), I wanted to invite you in on the fun and loop you into our Ambassador Program.

How it works:

We want to provide you and your friends serious value. Your friends are high-level (6-figures or more) entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors (or authors-to-be), or VPs at large organizations who could benefit from the VIP Day setup we have and use our time together to find their Ideal Customers and develop a plan of action for acquiring more of them so they can scale their business.

For them, they’d simply go to, pick 5 of our 10 modules they’d like to cover in an all-day strategy session with me, and then I’d get on a call to answer any of their questions and see if it’s a good fit for us to work together. To make it a no brainer, we have a “more than money back” guarantee, where we agree to refund their entire investment and write a check to their charity of choice if they find our work together useless…

For you, we want to provide you with:

  • $500 for every referral that signs up for our services.
  • Your own “more than money back” guarantee (if you refer someone to us, and they don’t think the investment was a good decision after working with us, we will let you keep the referral bonus and we will write a check to YOUR charity of choice in addition to theirs).
  • For every 10 referrals, we will pay for your event ticket of choice in the next 12 months, whether you want to go to CES, SXSW, Burning Man, or somewhere else. We will cover the ticket price for you 100%, and get you VIP access if we can.
  • For every 25 referrals, we will pay for a vacation for you and one other person, including travel within North America, 2 nights at a 4 star hotel, and budget for other expenses like food, ridesharing, and entertainment. You deserve a break ;).
  • For every 50 referrals, name your incentive. We will go out of our way to make it happen for you. Don’t go crazyyyyyyy, but definitely splurge a little bit, and we will cover the whole thing.

Interested? If so, email me directly at so we can get you started.