“Keep moving forward in business and life”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Belma McCaffrey.

Belma McCaffrey is creator of Work Bigger, a framework leading 20 to 30-somethings to identify their mission so they can make an impact through their work and ultimately change the world. Creating, building, changing lives is her calling. Prior to Work Bigger, Belma spent 10+ years in business development and media strategy roles at companies like the Associated Press, Conde Nast, and GroupM.

“I’m a wife, mom, friend, trusted colleague. Writing, reading, eating, and traveling feed my soul.”

Belma shares…”Six quick steps to get unstuck so you can keep moving forward in business and life.”

“In business and in life, we often get stuck. It’s inevitable and part of the process. But stalling and spinning our wheels is not ideal for us millennials looking to change the world. Here are six quick steps to get unstuck so you can keep moving forward in business and life.

1. Something’s bugging you. You’re not sure what, but it’s there, some sort of nagging feeling. Don’t bury it. Listen for it. Acknowledge it. And let’s turn this negative into a positive. Awareness of feeling stuck or feeling off is an opportunity to grow and learn.

2. You have the awareness, but now what? Where does it go? Write it down, get it out of your head. Where are you struggling? Sometimes we have multiple roadblocks bogging us down. Write them all down.

3. Always dig deeper. Ask “why” twice. The first why bring some clarity, but the second why can bring awareness to a bigger issue.

4. If you have a long list of roadblocks, prioritize them. What’s the most important problem you need to solve to make forward movement and get closer to your mission right now?

5. Outline the “how.” What are all the possible solutions to solve your problem? Get creative and explore all the options you have to move forward.

6. Focus, pick a solution. Define the immediate next step. Take action, get unstuck.”
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Belma would like ask you…

“What are your favorite go-to resources to get through your biggest business challenges?”

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