“Latest Research On The “Gen Y Mind”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Caroline Beaton. Who Is Caroline? Caroline is an award-winning writer and popular columnist for Forbes, Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and other outlets. She helped take Elephant Journal to over two million combined social media followers and grow their contributor network to the point of generating tens of millions of…Continue Reading

Job Opportunity: Sales & Social Media Superstar

I’m hiring again and looking for a sales and social media superstar to work with me part-time and (preferably) in-person in New York City to help manage sales campaigns and social media accounts.   What You’ll Learn:  Every day, my inbox, social media messages, texts, and time in person is full of interactions with both the…Continue Reading

You Used To Call Me On My Cell Phone…

But Now You Clicked My E-mail Sig 😉 (Yes. I was Drake for Halloween last year. And. It. Was. AWESOME!) I’ve always been curious as to who reads my email signatures. Now I’m a little more knowledgeable, so thank you! Since you helped me, and I have your attention, let me reiterate the ways I…Continue Reading

What I’m Working On

I’m based in New York City, pursuing my “moon missions” of getting Millennials (and then everyone) to act on their passions in life and uniting them in solving the world’s most pressing problems. I’m currently spending almost all my time on the following: (In order of time spent): Co-founding a (currently) “stealth” business venture…However, as a hint,…Continue Reading

Kleinert Ventures and A(d)vantage Point Announce A New Partnership!

Combining the strengths of our forward-thinking firms, Kleinert Ventures and A(d)vantage Point Consulting are now offering a tailored partnership service to select clients seeking our expertise in Millennial marketing. Separately, we’ve come to know and understand Generation Y better than almost anyone else in the marketplace. Our uncommon niche and mile-deep experience has repeatedly revealed…Continue Reading

Kleinert Ventures Is Hiring!

Director of Business Development (Sales & Marketing Intern) – Kleinert Ventures Kleinert Ventures LLC is 50% thought leadership I provide as a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and TED speaker and 50% boutique marketing consultancy servicing some of the world’s top authors, entrepreneurs, and companies. From a thought leadership standpoint, we are dedicated to identifying and connecting some…Continue Reading

3 Young Entrepreneurs Across The Globe Who Inspire Me

It’s all who you know. That’s why I have high-quality, life-enriching, and inspiring friends across the globe to hang out with, keep me updated on their region’s market, and send me cool pictures to make me jealous. Many of these friends are young entrepreneurs themselves, and as we get closer and closer to the release…Continue Reading

Answer The Door Quickly When Opportunity Knocks

I was THAT guy, alone at the hotel bar, eating chorizo and egg pizza, before the name “Rob Morin” showed up on my phone. Rob and I hadn’t spoken in about two months, so I was surprised when my phone rang. Excited, I picked up. “Are you in Boca?” he asked. “I was just there…Continue Reading