How To Positively Influence Hundreds DAILY

My face blushed read again. I was in the middle of speaking to an audience of South African students in Polokwane, about three hours outside of Johannesburg. There was no clicker to change the slides of my powerpoint, so every time I said “next slide”, I had the audience clap (securing me at least 12…Continue Reading

Respect The Hustle

YOU WILL THINK THE FOLLOWING IS SIMPLY SCIENCE FICTION: Sun rises. A robot follows suit. The robot puts on a suit, and says goodbye to his son. Thirty minutes later – no more, no less – the robot attaches itself to a larger machine, where it joins the gear-grinding for eight hours. No more, no…Continue Reading

MJ Will Be Making Jump Shots At 60 (And Why Habits Are Crucial)

If Michael Jordan hypothetically didn’t touch a basketball again until he was 60 years old, he’d still be sinking smooth, silky jump shots whenever he returned to playing the game. Now, you may be thinking, this is obvious considering he is the best basketball player to ever grace a court. Yet, the reason why he…Continue Reading

Good Deeds Aren’t Just For The Holidays

SHE STOOD THERE, SLOWLY DROWNING IN THE PUDDLE OF HER OWN SOBS. This is a story I’ve never told publicly. When it happened, two girls asked if they could videotape me and make me “Internet famous” (in their own words) for my good deed, but it wouldn’t be right. It wasn’t about me… As I…Continue Reading

I Struggle To Justify Buying A Cup Of Starbucks, So Why Did I Just Wake Up And Spend $1122!?

This morning I woke up and spent $1122 on Bill Baren’s new “Premium Packages Success System Program”. The following is my self-justification/self-reasoning/public teaching opportunity/meta-analysis of purchasing decisions, self education, and abundance vs. scarcity mindsets. Disclaimer #1: Bear with me…these are not extremely polished thoughts like the ones that will end up being published in The Gap…Continue Reading