“The State Of Healthcare”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Blake Marggraff Who Is Blake? Blake Marggraff is the CEO of Epharmix, an evidence-based digital health company backed by investors including XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis, Yahoo! founding officer Randy Haykin, BOLD Capital, and 1517 Fund. Previously, Blake co-founded, bootstrapped, and grew BetaBox Labs while a student at Washington University in St. Louis studying…Continue Reading

Personal Development Tools, Tips, And Tricks

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Juvoni Beckford. Who Is Juvoni?  Juvoni is a NYC-based software engineer, UI/UX designer, fitness and personal development “enthusiast” (read: hardcore nerd) and reader of all books worth merit. On his website, he covers books he recently read with detailed notes, shares systems he uses to manage everything from his budget…Continue Reading

“How To Pitch Like A Pro”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Arjun Rai. Who Is Arjun Rai?  Arjun (pronounced like Argentina but without the “Tina” as he would say) is the Founder/CEO of wrkbench.io, which is something straight out of an Iron Man movie. He’s creating various collaborative technologies and canvases for creatives, and hustling hard to do it, knocking down…Continue Reading

How To Grow Your Instagram Following To 250,000+

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Alex Wolf Who Is Alex Wolf?  Alex Wolf is first and foremost an entrepreneur. She’s started multiple online businesses primarily through viral Instagram accounts, the most famous of which is @BOSSBABE.INC with over 251,000 followers. Now she is growing her personal brand through @ALEXWOLFCO where she is helping entrepreneurs build…Continue Reading

“How I Met Your Mother”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is David Nassau. Who Is David? David is the founder of Hopping For A Cure, a non-profit I’ve personally sponsored in the past that raises money for MS through…hopscotch tournaments. Along with a friend, David started Hopping For A Cure after watching the show How I Met Your Mother as a…Continue Reading

“Entrepreneurs Of The Caribbean”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Ja’dan Johnson. Who Is Ja’dan?  Ja’dan is a teenage entrepreneur and keynote speaker based in Jamaica. He started a Caribbean based creative agency and co-Founded Next Gen Creators, a non profit focused on fostering the growth of young start-up entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and Latin America. Why Should You Care? If…Continue Reading

“This Kid Built A Nuclear Fusion Reactor In His Garage At 17″

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Conrad Farnsworth. Who Is Conrad?  Conrad Farnsworth has been doing science since he was able to turn screwdrivers. His broad scope of experience includes entrepreneurship, 3D printing, metal fabrication, oilfield operations, ranch handing, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, TEDx talks, and scientific research…and he built a nuclear fusion reactor in his…Continue Reading


Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Patrick Dowd. Who Is Patrick?  Patrick Dowd is a social entrepreneur who works with the world’s top brands and institutions to create transformative experiences that build leaders, engage communities, and tell powerful stories. As founder and CEO of the Millennial Trains Project, Dowd has pioneered an award-winning model for trans-regional leadership…Continue Reading

“Wear Clothes That Do Good”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Meg Partridge. Who Is Meg?  Meg Partridge is the Founder and Creative Director of Deià. After attending Princeton University to study civil and environmental engineering and international development, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of building purpose-driven consumer brands with a social mission. The result is her luxury…Continue Reading