“Create an email responding system”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Carly Heitlinger

Carly is the blogger behind The College Prepster. She started as a freshman at Georgetown University back in 2008 and it happened to be the right platform at the right time, and as “social media” took off, she started her blog! After graduating, she  moved to NYC to work at a tech startup, but she continued blogging as a second job at night. Carly ended up quitting her job just over a year later so she could focus on her blog full time. She wasn’t sure if she would  like it, so she gave herself three months as a trial period… and never looked back.

Carly shares…”Create an email responding system”

” I joke that while I’m a blogger, I’m really a professional emailer. I don’t work in an office, but I still have to communicate with a lot of people throughout the day. Whether I’m responding to a reader’s question or setting up a in-person meeting with a brand or coordinating with my manager for an upcoming post, it’s going to happen in an email. Responding to emails is something that should be taken super seriously and maybe something that millennials get a bad rap for. I swear people miss out on important jobs and opportunities because they don’t have their inbox in order or they simply forget to respond.

– Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails: If you want to keep retail emails, use a separate email address. Your inbox is your temple and keeping it business-only will help you stay on top of what really needs to get done.

– Set aside dedicated time and deadlines: I recommend only answering emails during a dedicated time, if possible. Emails can actually distract from your work if you’re constantly letting a new email get your attention. For me, I respond to emails first thing in the morning– which can take several hours. I do respond to very important, time sensitive emails after that, but for the most part, the bulk of the emails are answered in the mornings. I also have a self-imposed deadline of answering emails within three (business) days of receiving them if they’re not time sensitive and within 24 hours of ones that are the most important.

– Come up with a system: The system that works the best for me is reading emails as they come and “starring” them if they need a response. The starred emails then become my to-do list essentially. It ensures that I never forget to respond to an email while still “clearing it” from my inbox.”

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Carly would like to ask you…

“Instagram Stories or Snapchat?! Do you use/prefer one over the other? Do you use both for different reasons? What content do you think works best on each… and who do you think is doing it best?”

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