“Latest Research On The “Gen Y Mind”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Caroline Beaton.

Who Is Caroline?
Caroline is an award-winning writer and popular columnist for Forbes, Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and other outlets. She helped take Elephant Journal to over two million combined social media followers and grow their contributor network to the point of generating tens of millions of unique site views during her time at the niche media company before becoming self-employed to focus on her writing, research, and thought leadership around Millennials, or Gen Y.

Why Should You Care?
Caroline is one of my personal faves. She is reserved, yet action-oriented and has built a few in-demand skill sets that allow her to “be her own boss” at a young age for most college graduates. I look to her for advice on building media entities and in social media marketing, and love her style of writing. For Millennials, you’d be wise to check out her tips and strategies in various publications, and for older generations, she can help unravel the Gen Y mind for you.

What You Can Learn From Caroline?
Why You Haven’t Been Promoted [if you’re a Millennial]
How To Avoid The “Too Many Passions” Problem (I feel ya, sista)
8 Habits That Make Us Stressed, Unproductive, and Anxious

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