“Don’t compare yourself to anyone and Focus on process”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Chino Lex.

Chino is a 22-year-old App Creator, Entrepreneur, and User Acquisition Expert & Mobile App Consultant. At 18, he took a leave of absence from the University of Washington to build an app company from his laptop by night, while working as Carpet Cleaner by day. With zero marketing spend, and zero outside capital, Chino published over 160 iOS apps and 30 Android apps in used across 155 countries worldwide, and in 24 languages. Over 50 of his iOS apps have hit Apple’s Top Charts. More recently, Chino is a Founder at tapTrax, a music discovery app that’s ahead of Shazam and Spotify on the App Store in the Music Discovery category. He has appeared in Forbes Life Magazine, and has spoke at the University of Washington on Entrepreneurship. He has also appeared in international media publications like Yahoo! Finance Singapore, and the Manila Times of the Philippines. Chino can be reached at chinolex.com.

Chino shares…”Don’t compare yourself to anyone and Focus on process”

“The most important advice I can give to my peers is has two aspects: 1) Don’t compare yourself to anyone and 2) Focus on process: measurable & incremental improvements. The first piece is imperative to your happiness and well being. And since your business starts with you: if you’re not in good physical & mental health, your business will suffer (too). It’s easy to read Forbes, TechCrunch, and other publications about big exits or funding rounds and immediately feel like you’re not good enough. The fact is, these teams and entrepreneurs worked their asses off, but you need to remember that thier journey is not your journey, it’s easier to write an article than it is to ship product, and that wherever or whoever you are, you can always look up. You’re best off evaluating your growth based on where you were a while ago, and where you are now. Did you get measurably better? If so, don’t stress and keep moving forward. If not, revaluate, strategize, then execute.

Remembering to keep growth measurable & incremental keeps me motivated because I know I’m a closer to a goal than I was yesterday. For this I use Asana, you can see how many tasks you have and how many you’ve completed over time, and you can set tasks to repeat to create habits. It’s the one tool I wished I knew about years ago.”

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Chino would like ask you…“What’s the best way to find good people?” You can reach out to him via email at chino@taptrax.co or @itschinolex on all social channels.