We can all be Supernovas

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Gala Darling
“My name is Gala Darling, and I’m a New Zealander living in New York City. I’m an author, speaker, and international playgirl. My first book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams, was published by Hay House, and became an instant #1 bestseller. I was inspired to do this work after living with depression and an eating disorder for a decade. When I was 23, I used a technique called tapping to rewire my brain. Life without depression is like that moment when The Wizard Of Oz flicks from black and white to technicolour: everything has so much more beauty and meaning. These days, my focus is on showing women how they can revolutionise their lives, just like I did!”

Gala shares…”We can all be Supernovas”

“If we want to have a revolution, it has to start inside of us first. If you don’t know your own power, your own values, or have self-respect, you will never achieve anything worthwhile. At best, you’ll bumble through life. I believe that we can all be supernovas and live sensational lives, but to get there, we have to do some serious work on ourselves first.

Radical self love is a personal process in which you examine your thoughts and behaviour and relentlessly toss anything that is hindering you from being your best, most salubrious self. It’s a joyful process of self-discovery but it also requires commitment and tremendous guts. The idea of self-love as one endless bubble-bath after another is, quite frankly, ridiculous. Anyone who engages in the extremely difficult work of dismantling the bullshit they’ve been spoonfed by society should be applauded, and I promise you won’t get there by simply soaking in the tub!

A lot of people think that self-love is selfish, but really, it’s the opposite. If you don’t look after yourself first, you won’t have anything to give to anyone else. Radical self love is essential for mothers, because in leading by example, they will create a new generation of women who respect themselves and know their own power. I also believe that when we learn anything that helps us, it is our personal responsibility to share that information with others.

Radical self love does not exist in a vacuum. When we’re being our best selves, we are strong enough to reach out and help other people, instead of being threatened by their potential greatness. When we’re not threatened by others, we can work together to create movements and true lasting change, and that makes everyone stronger.”

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Gala would like to ask you…

“What one change would you like to make in your life, and how do you think it would positively affect the people around you?”

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