How to create an engaged culture at work?

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Guillermo Elizondo

Guillermo Elizondo co-founded his first company when he was 17 years old and his second company when he was 20 years old while still being in college. Guillermo’s purpose in life is to revolutionize education so that students could be engaged with learning around the world which will create a sense of purpose in each of them. He was always engaged in education helping low-income communities teaching them from reading to software development. Now he is president and co-founder of Territorium a social learning platform in which students engage by solving problems in teams, collaborating on challenges and teaching others.

Territorium help schools and universities to change learning models. It helps to change the way education is measured not measuring by grades but by competences and abilities that students develop. Territorium also help corporations in training their employees. Actually Territorium has more than 150,000 users worldwide and 1,000,000 USD in sales. Guillermo supports several social endeavors such as TImpulsa that focuses on teaching software development in Mexico rural areas and Mati-Tec which gives smartphones for free for students in low-income schools to learn online.

Guillermo shares…”How to create an engaged culture at work?”

“In Territorium we created a gamified culture at work applying our own software. The most important factor at business is your team and if you have an engaged, innovative and purposeful team it will be easier that your vision will be executed. Here is a piece of advice of how to create an engaged team (it is a summary if you want to talk more about it please contact me):

1. Learn that everything in you company is your TEAM
Companies are made by people that help other people maybe directly or with technology. These people are the basis of your company, your team helps your clients and help you make dreams come true. If your team is engaged you will have engaged clients because each person in your company will be always thinking how to grow it.

2. Create a common purpose
To develop an engaged culture everyone should share a purpose that is beyond making money. Yes money is very important but you should always remember it is only a mean that will help you achieve a goal, it is not the goal by itself. Everyone in your team should know why they are working on your company. In Territorium everyone knows we want to change the world through education and we share this purpose. In this way everyone in the team is trustful because decisions are made based on this purpose.

3. Understand the abilities of each member
I someone is good at making something and loves it, that person should be doing that at work. Understand which things every member loves to do and let them work on what they love.

4. Measure
Everyone should know which is their KPI and how that KPI affects the results of the company.

5. Recognize
Recognize each member for their accomplishments. We created a system of badges that are measured by Territorium software in which people obtain recognition for their accomplishments related to their KPIs. In this way everyone works on what they are supposed to. Also, give constant and spontaneous recognition. Finally, always be clear about your vision and your goals so that time is spent on them.”

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Guillermo would like to ask you…

Which are the characteristics you consider the most important in a company’s culture? Why?

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