“How To Network”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Tam Pham.

Who Is Tam? 
Tam Pham is the bestselling author of How To Network and a writer for The Hustle, a media company covering important stories going on in the world of business and tech with a style of coverage that’s like VICE meets The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Tam loves reading good books, performing improv, and having conversations with interesting people outside of writing.

Tam Pham

Why Should You Care?
Tam’s writing is insanely insightful. I’ve read many of his articles on The Hustle and have identified individuals to contribute to my next book, strategies to share with my consulting clients for growing their businesses (namely how to start an affiliate or advocacy campaign), and more. I’d suggest investing time today in clicking through some of the articles in the “Learn” section below and going on a “Tam” tangent afterwards #InternetRabbitHole.

What You Can Learn From Tam?
1) You can get Tam’s curated list of good business book reads every week here.
2) Why Community-Building Is The New ‘Growth Hack”
3) If A College Degree Is “Worth It” In 2016

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P.S. – From Adam Khan on Twitter: “Can She Be Our Next President?”

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