Job Opportunity: Sales & Social Media Superstar

I’m hiring again and looking for a sales and social media superstar to work with me part-time and (preferably) in-person in New York City to help manage sales campaigns and social media accounts.


What You’ll Learn: 

Every day, my inbox, social media messages, texts, and time in person is full of interactions with both the world’s smartest and most talented Millennials as well as the influencers and mentors that guide us. Any given week includes contact with tech’s busiest startup founders, C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies, big-time authors and speakers, and the few hundred people who I’m betting will rule the world in 10-20 years.

See: USA TODAY asks “Is Jared Kleinert the most connected Millennial?” 

If you’re interested in building a personal “brand”, growing your network, and looking inside the lives of the couple thousand Millennials who are “doing it” rather than defaulting to the millions of aspiring Millennials who are “thinking about doing it”, then this is a great opportunity for you. If you want to be an entrepreneur in the near future, I can be your case study in the amount of effort, networking, and consciousness it takes to pull it off.

My work has been dubbed more “entrepreneurial” than that from the founder of the X Prize

This won’t be easy as you’ll see below. However, survive and you’ll leave me ready to tackle any position out there with hard evidence to refer back to and a well-connected champion supporting you for the rest of your career…And maybe this will be the worst job ever. Who knows? It will be exactly what you make of it and depend on how much you hold yourself and myself accountable.

“Jared is a remarkable young man who is wiser and more insightful than his years would suggest. I count him a friend and appreciate the work we have done together deeply.” – #1 NYT Bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi

Tasks You’ll Complete And Skills You’ll Need: 

1) Social media marketing – Creating relevant content and nagging me to post on FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, IG, Linkedin, and other media outlets for my personal brand and media brands.

  •  Subtasks include:
    • Referring to previous “collections” of content such as my first book, blog posts, keynotes made available online, content for my next book, web series, etc and plucking out reusable content.
    • Designing and adding calls-to-action for each piece of micro-content we make
    • Literally getting me on the phone or standing over my shoulder to make a tweet, post on Facebook, take a Snap, etc. Train me to be a 13 year old more interested in sharing their selfies than talking to their parents for 5 minutes each day.
    • Review metrics on social media to determine account growth and learn what content is desired from our following.
    • Organize events with Instagram and Snapchat influencers surrounding the launch of my next book in January 2017.

2) Contact management – Working with me to develop and maintain a personal CRM system of all my contacts, as well as additional spreadsheets for key contacts, target contacts, and contacts by location, industry, “stage”, etc (see “Relationship Action Plans” developed by my former client Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone).

3) Sales (specifically prospecting) – Initiate and manage weekly sales campaigns, which includes working with our proprietary software to source new speaking and consulting leads on a weekly basis, sending out mail merges or personal emails when needed, following up as scheduled, and passing on promising opportunities to me. Also, we will look to sell through social media, and so you need to help develop a system for identifying, establishing relationships with, and selling in partnership with influencers.

4) Media manipulation – Test and scale ideas for growing our social followings, share and exponentiate the reach of our video, written, and social content, and assist in ideation for media stunts, PR, and the like for my next book.

Skills Needed To Pull This Off: 

  • Mastery of Spreadsheets
  • The mindset of a 13 year old “like”-hungry teen when it comes to social media coupled with strong growth-hacking ideologies (i.e. A/B testing content, tracking click-thru rates, etc).
  • Design prowess and video-making capabilities, even if it is short-form content from an iPhone or GoPro.
  • Militaristic time management and diligence in communication, research, and completion of tasks.
  • Excellent communication and written skills. If you’re going to speak directly with the relationships I value most in business, you have to have the maturity and social intelligence to play the part. That being said, neither “sirs” (old-school formality) nor misspellings (carelessness) have a place in how we represent our brands.
  • “Can do”/”I’ll figure it out” attitude, 24/7 availability mentality, commitment to hyper growth and responsibility, and mature acceptance and empathy for the role. Again, this isn’t easy, but it is worth it. 

How To Apply: 

If you want to apply, email me directly at Send me:

  • A short unlisted and private video (can be quick and dirty) about why you want this job, why you’re a good fit for the position, and why I should spend more time learning about you.
  • Suggestions for how I should be growing my personal brand and that of one of my current media assets – 2 Billion Under 20.
  • Social media designs, pieces of micro-content, or other pieces of creative (written, social, video) content I can look at.
  • Any relevant experience you have and cold, hard results you’ve received for others in the past.
  • Your 3-5 year career ambitions and how this job helps you move closer to accomplishing them.
  • Anything else you want to do, show me, etc that will help you stand out. Show me your hustle.

This Opportunity Isn’t For You If:  

  • You cannot commit at least the next 6 months to working with me.
  • You expect to be in this role for longer than the next 2 years (you should either expect to move on or “wow” me into a position of giving you a promotion, pay raise, and more responsibility).
  • You are only “in it” for the money and not for the craft, learning lessons, and invaluable experience that comes with working directly under someone who is “doing it”.
  • You are a negative Nancy, make excuses, complain, or say “I can’t”. As my friends can tell you, I have zero BS tolerance and don’t care for drama.
  • You are doing this because it will “look good” on your resume. Trust me, the real-world skills and relationships you will create far outweigh the extra line or two of working experience on your CV, and frankly I don’t care what your current resume looks like either. I want you to point to past experience and results if you want me to hire you.
  • You are not a self-starter, haven’t ever considered being an entrepreneur yourself, or still take every piece of life and career advice your parents give you without critically thinking for yourself.

What To Do If This Is Not For You, But You Might Know Someone:  

Send this page to them. If I hire them and they last more than 30 days, I’ll fly you anywhere in the U.S. (limit to $300) as a thank you. And you’ll give a friend the same working experience that allowed me to become an entrepreneur, TED speaker, and bestselling/award-winning author.