“Systemic Sales & Landing A Dream Job”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Jonathan Allen.

Who Is Jonathan? 
Jonathan is a SaaS (software as a service) entrepreneur currently working on a new company that makes it easier for anyone to run A/B tests for their product, marketing, and copywriting ideas with the public. He also recently landed a dream job developing new partnerships for Salesloft, one of the fastest growing tech companies in Atlanta.

Why Should You Care?
Jonathan is a case study in landing one’s dream job. He knew that the CEO of Salesloft valued systemic approaches to sales and outreach, and so Jonathan made sure there’s was a methodology to his cold emails, social media follows, etc as he was attempting to get this CEO’s attention. Some call it persistence. Others would call it scalability and structure. Either way…you should use this to get your dream jobs, or grow your companies, or even nab meetings with cool people who are really busy. Following up is key.

What You Can Learn From Jonathan?
Learn about Jonathan’s sales approach about going “account-based everything” where he talks about the future of the SaaS industry. As a former early team member of enterprise SaaS startup 15Five, I can tell you that this piece is both a very interesting and informative read (otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it!).

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P.S. – Seriously look into SaaS business models if you aren’t well-versed on them already. It is not the easiest business to scale in the middle (easy to get started and grow something small that is revenue-based, and easy-ish to sustain once you reach scale, but many companies die or lose traction in the middle during growth if they can’t gain new business quick enough), but I personally like SaaS businesses. My mentor Hiten Shah is the expert there – I recommend checking out his blog hitenish.com.

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