The Winning formula in 3 steps

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Jordan Bishop

Jordan Bishop is the founder and editor in chief of How I Travel, a wanderlust publication showcasing the world’s most interesting travelers. In the past 12 months, he’s called each of Argentina, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Colombia, Thailand, and Germany home, and considers peanut butter a fifth food group.


Jordan shares…”The Winning Formula in 3 steps”

“Identify the people you truly, deeply admire, and then do whatever it takes to surround yourself with them. Here’s how I’ve done exactly that as a writer to meet everyone from bloggers to billionaires , though you can apply the same principles to just about any profession/interest/group:

1. Create something really, really good within your field. Then do it again. And then do it again. Do it until you no longer surprise yourself when you create something amazing, and then you’re ready for Step Two.
2. Reach out to the person you admire, and plainly tell them you’d like to offer your skill/interest (in my case, writing) to them FOR FREE. Be sure to include your past work so that they can see that you’ve actually put time and effort into your craft, and that by giving it to them you’d be driving significant value.
3. Do amazing work for that person. Never, ever ask for anything in return; if they’re a person you truly want to spend time with, they’ll recognize the value you’ve given them and be more than happy to give something back to you (mentorship, a job, etc.)

In short: do amazing work, offer it free to those you admire, and never get greedy. That’s a winning formula.”

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Jordan would like to ask you…

 “Where are the gaps between your current life and your dream life?” 

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