“Founders should embrace speaking”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Julia Wojnar.

Julia Wojnar is the Founder of Unleash Your Presence where she helps six-figure entrepreneurs building personal brands to become known as the preeminent authority in their industry by identifying and rocking their speaking engagements. Her clients come from a range of industries but they all share a burning passion to share their message – that is, once Julia focuses their many ideas into one unified message. She has honed her own speaking skills with over fifteen years of experience on stage speaking and performing, in addition to her formal training in Communications from Ithaca College. Additionally, she has been featured on The Solopreneur Hour on Grant Cardone’s Whatever It Takes Network, Savvy Central Radio (a syndicate of iHeartRadio), J.Kelly Hoey’s Innovator Insights series, and several other podcasts.

Julia shares…”Why should founders embrace speaking”

“As a Speaking Expert, it’s no secret that I believe in the power that public speaking offers to entrepreneurs. In our digital age, there’s nothing like the spoken word to stand out and establish your credibility. So why should founders embrace speaking (even if they are initially terrified of it)? Here’s my top three reasons why:

  1. Speaking earns you immediate expert authority status in your space so potential clients come to you and sell themselves to you instead of the other way around.
  2. Speaking allows you to forge a strong connection in less than half the time it takes for someone to complete your email autoresponder sequence (assuming they even open your emails to begin with)
  3. Speaking is one of the fastest and most effective ways to establish your brand as a household name so that when those elusive yet lucrative partnership opportunities come along, you are the first one to be called.

Great. But here’s the truth of it: Simply taking the stage to share your message isn’t enough. In order to become a powerful public speaker whose message is remembered and shared, you need to have three key elements in place:

  1. A Big Idea that represents you and your brand.
  2. A Signature Talk that provides a solid foundation to share your Big Idea across various audiences and mediums.
  3. Powerful delivery when speaking on stage that allows you to grasp and hold your audiences’ attention throughout your whole speech.

Most speakers don’t put the forethought into these elements beforehand. So even if they manage to hit some of their critical points, they can’t seem to bring it all home. What separates the standout speakers who achieve their stated goals and make the impact they desire from all the rest is a tested process, dedication to building their skill, and the right feedback to diagnose and improve their weak spots.”

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Julia would like ask you…“What are the best ways that have helped you recover from failures?” Send her your answer via LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/juliawojnar