Kleinert Ventures and A(d)vantage Point Announce A New Partnership!

Combining the strengths of our forward-thinking firms, Kleinert Ventures and A(d)vantage Point Consulting are now offering a tailored partnership service to select clients seeking our expertise in Millennial marketing.

Separately, we’ve come to know and understand Generation Y better than almost anyone else in the marketplace. Our uncommon niche and mile-deep experience has repeatedly revealed what exactly works for Millennials—and what will crash and burn in influencing our generation before it even gets off the ground.

Together, the possibilities for what we can accomplish are endless.

At Kleinert Ventures, we’ve offered clients an extensive network, sales experience, and a proven track record of previous work with some of the top brands and thought leaders in the world as resources in helping them impact the world. Caroline Beaton and her firm A(d)vantage Point Consulting add to our expertise by bringing  exceptional content and social media marketing skills to our partnership, as well as programmatic focus that gets exponential results over time for clients who commit to change.

Combined, our previous clients include #1 New York Times Bestselling authors, founders of billion dollar brands, fast-growth startups, media companies with millions of social media followers, Forbes 30 Under 30 nominees, Fortune 500 companies, and about a half dozen other case studies.

We are currently taking on four new clients that want to leverage the minds of two Millennial thought leaders and their elite teams to reach Generation Y in ways that convert. Our service packages start at one-day, $8,000 strategy sessions and three-month, $25,000 (minimum) campaign commitments.

To get in touch about our new partnership and what we can do for you, send me a note at my personal email jaredkleinert@gmail.com.

About our firms:

Kleinert Ventures

Led by entrepreneur, bestselling author and TED speaker Jared Kleinert, Kleinert Ventures has helped clients ranging from #1 NYT Bestselling authors to founders of billion dollar brands, Fortune 500s, Olympians, Thiel Fellows and more with marketing and sales campaigns, opportunity assessments, product launches and understanding the Millennial generation. 

“Jared is wiser and more insightful than his years would suggest. I count him a friend and appreciate the work we have done together deeply.” — Keith Ferrazzi, Former CMO of Deloitte, #1 NYT Bestselling Author, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight and Yoi

“When it comes to understanding what makes Millennials “tick”, Kleinert knows more about this subject than almost anyone on the planet.” — Inc.com

A(d)vantage Point Consulting

Founded by award-winning writer, expert content marketer, and Psychology Today contributor Caroline Beaton, A(d)vantage Point Consulting links statistics-backed strategies with daily, dogged execution. With targeted digital marketing, social media, brand strategy, content creation and design, Caroline and her team offer a tactical vantage point for brands seeking to connect with younger audiences.

“As an editor for news and media site Elephant Journal, Beaton has helped the site reach over 1 million likes on Facebook while winning over an impressive list of contributors and an overly loyal subsection of Millennial readers.” — Forbes.com 

“Caroline jumps in headfirst. From content creation and video development to co-launching social media campaigns, she propelled our brand forward with tenacity and imagination.” Bhakti Chai

Some of our services:

VIP Days

One day strategy sessions designed to get you an actionable, fully-strategized plan of action for your next marketing or sales campaign, launch, major client meeting, or emergency needs. These are no BS sessions where we bring ourselves to you and dedicate an entire day with all our combined knowledge to solving your problems. The key here is speed; get results fast, and walk away with step-by-step instructions for success. Don’t waste precious time and money trying to figure things out from scratch when you can rent us out for a day and spend the next few months executing on proven strategies.

Opportunity Assessments

We know what works, and it’s not based on theories. Our uncommon niche and deep experience has shown us again and again what exactly works for Millennials—and what will crash and burn before it even gets off the ground. With an opportunity assessment, we’ll evaluate your previous results to strategize and present new possibilities. Then we’ll execute it from Step 1 to infinity until you’re thrilled with the results.

Content Marketing

Collectively, we’ve written for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, TIME, Coca-Cola Journey, and many other publications. Our clients have appeared in almost every major media outlet, as well as the niche blogs that drive sales most. We’ve worked with dozens of clients to craft and share convincing, compelling written content that increases SEO, social media reach, following and engagement, and, of course, Millennial audiences.

Social Media Marketing

A(d)vantage Point Consulting especially works with businesses to reach Generation Y through the best social media platforms for their brand. In one year, Caroline helped increase Elephant Journal’s following from 10 million readers a month to more than 20 million monthly readers through Facebook, and with her team at A(d)vantage has helped other clients start their own campaigns. With consistent, underutilized, and stand-out strategies, we can help you stop treading water and tangibly grow your social channels.

Marketing Campaigns and Launches

Combined, we’ve helped launch more than a dozen high profile products, businesses, or services. With each of our launches, we follow a regimented process that we tailor for your specific needs. We’ll see your launch through from inception through until six, seven, or eight figure revenues or users acquired.

Program Development

Certain kinds of initiatives have an excellent track record with Generation Y—and others, well, don’t. Every day we research programs and business styles that work for Millennials. Want to be the next Snapchat or Venmo? We’ve studied their successes and can help you apply their strategies.

Outbound Sales Systems

Kleinert Ventures has worked with clients from startups to corporations to systemize and streamline their sales processes. Straight from Silicon Valley and the methods used to create predictable revenue for enterprise SaaS startups, we can develop an outbound sales system for you gets “smarter” over time.

Personalized Experience

You get what you pay for. When you hire Jared and Caroline, you get us and our almost-surgical teams of experts, not some associate-intern-assistant-how-are-things-going? person or even a skilled marketing hire. We pack a lot of value into our work. Part of our partnership’s genius is that we’ve combined each of our skills to create a complete package that doesn’t require additional inefficient components. We’ll get your project done in the least amount of time with the best results you can dream up.

Once again, to learn more about our new partnership, email me at jaredkleinert@gmail.com.