“Focus on one social network at a time”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Marc Guberti

Marc is an entrepreneur who takes action at high speeds without a driver’s license. He got started as an 11-year-old with a blog before he could apply for a job. That job application won’t be coming in anytime soon (if ever) because Marc is crushing it as a digital marketer. He has over 400,000 social media followers and has won several awards such as the 2014 People’s Choice Rule Breakers Award. If you want to learn how to get hundreds of retweets per day, grab Marc’s free eBook 27 Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter.

Marc shares…”Focus on one social network at a time”

“The most important thing to know about social media is to focus on one social network at a time. Most people try to master all of the social networks at once. That’s like us trying to juggle 10 tennis balls at once. It doesn’t work unless you are a professional juggler. Instead of juggling 10 tennis balls, repeatedly throw the same tennis ball in the air and catch it. In the same way, focus on mastering a single social network. Once you master one social network, it’s easier to master all of the others.

Mastering the social networks is like mastering the romance languages. It makes no sense to learn all of them at once, but if you memorize one romance language, it becomes much easier to master all of the other romance languages.”

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Marc would like ask you…

“What was the best decision you ever made for your brand, and what insights can you give us about it?”

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