“Using Medium as a marketing tool”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Mike Fishbein. 
Mike Fishbein does content marketing. It sounds simple, but in practice, it’s a wild, wacky world spanning far beyond just content or marketing. He runs a digital marketing agency that helps companies get more customers online and has self-published over a dozen books. Check his website mfishbein.com to learn more about content marketing and personal development. Currently, Mike is figuring out (“hacking”) how to get traffic and customers from Medium.


Mike shares…“If you’re serious about marketing or writing, you need to check out Medium. 


I used to struggle to get people to read my blog posts. I would spend days writing them, making sure they were perfectly succinct and comprehensive. But no matter how amazing they turned out, hardly a cricket would read them. After such a build up to hitting the publish button, doing so only lead to disappointment.Fortunately, I’ve found a way to get thousands of people to read my articles. And it doesn’t require “influencer” outreach or crazy SEO tactics. In fact, I’ve had over 10k people read my articles in the past 30 days.

HowIf you’re serious about marketing or writing, you need to check out Medium.Unlike your website, it has a built in network of people just dying to read your articles. But simply hitting publish isn’t enough to get the results you deserve. By understanding how readers find stories on Medium, you can maximize your exposure on the platform.

In short, you can get the best results on Medium by:

  • Writing great stories
  • Getting them published on large and relevant Publications on Medium
  • Promoting your stories outside of Medium (social, reddit, email, etc)
  • Adding “Tags” to your stories so that people who follow those tags see your stories in their feeds
  • Encouraging readers to “Recommend” your stories by adding a call to action at the end”

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Mike would like ask you…“What you think about Twitter? Is Twitter dead, dying or alive and well? What’s the next big social platform? Let him know @mfishbein on Twitter.