“Optimal Nutrition in 1 Minute”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Connor Young.

Who Is Connor? 
Connor is a former CrossFit gym owner and serial entrepreneur who spent time building a fitness-based business, selling medical devices, and developing various startup ideas before moving to California (San Francisco) from Tennessee to pursue tech. In a hacker house of 50 people, he got the idea for his company Ample, which has raised about $100,000 on Indiegogo to date for their product that delivers “Optimal Nutrition in 1 Minute” (links to their live campaign page).

Why Should You Care?
As an entrepreneur, looking at Ample’s success thus far in a (still early) crowdfunding campaign would be a good investment of your time. They raised $70,000 in 2 days, about $90,000 in a week, and are most likely going to top $100,000 today.

What You Can Learn From Connor?
1) What “Optimal Nutrition” looks like for your body (hint – it is not Soylent, and it isn’t **just** Ample, but Ample is better than most meal replacement products.
2) How to raise $70,000 in 2 days using crowdfunding
3) How to get into an accelerator like 500 Startups (he’s in Batch 16!)

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P.S. – Our first giveaway with Instagram influencer Alex Wolf went really well (announcing the winner this weekend!), and so I’m pre-ordering some Ample to give away to you guys. Click here to win FREE product from an Indiegogo campaign that’s about to hit $100,000 in funding. 

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