3 Habits That Will Always Improve Your Life

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Paul Jun. 
Paul Jun is a writer/reader and thinks about ideas that matter on Motivated Mastery. He’s also the Content Manager at CreativeMornings, a contributor to 99u, and the Alumni Coach for Seth Godin’s altMBA.
 Paul shares…“Self-education, Self-awareness & Writing”
Paul believes that regardless of age, background, or expertise, there are three skills worth learning and continuously honing throughout your life and career.
 Self-education: There is always something that we can learn that will improve how we lead our lives and do our work. In order to have the habit of self-education, you need to first cultivate curiosity, and second, the humility to admit that you have much to learn. Too often people walk around with borrowed impressions and narratives, using them as a framework for living, without ever questioning its validity or place in one’s journey. At its core, self-education is about enriching your mind with new ideas, helping you grow an understanding, rather than focusing on right versus wrong.
Self-awareness: The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “For a person who is not aware that he is doing anything wrong has no desire to be put right. You have to catch yourself doing it before you can reform.” Adam Smith, the pioneer of political economy, once admonished to imagine an “impartial spectator.” It’s about stepping outside of yourself and observing your behaviors, and through the lens of moral and practical wisdom, improving how you think and behave. This is hard work — being able to admit that you were wrong about Trump or Hillary, about this job or that job — but if there’s no self-awareness then there’s constant self-justification, and that only helps yourself, not the people around you.
Writing: If there is any one skill that champions creativity, produces clarity in thinking, and allows you to reflect and digest experiences, it’s writing. Write every damn day. Whether in the mornings or after a long day of work, create a space to think out loud and be yourself. Don’t worry about filtering your thoughts—use this space to be aware of your thoughts and emotions, and then with a cooler head determine what place it has in your life. Writing will help you adapt from adversity, help you generate and communicate your ideas, and bolster your creativity and clarity. It’s an indispensable tool for life and for work. Is it any surprise why it’s one of the difficult habits to start, and why many successful people do it daily?” 
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Paul would like to ask… What’s one piece of wisdom that’s changing the way you lead your life? Email me at jared@2billionunder20.com with your answers, and I’ll share them with Paul!