“How are you an exception to the rule?”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Rachel Gall

Over the past few years Rachel Gall has been writing about millennials on her blog So-Called Millennial. Her generation is the largest one in US history, and “is complicated, but not as much as they seem to be presented in the media.”, she says. Like many people in her age bracket, she founds herself navigating the world post-college with uncertainty, and a quickly shifting landscape. The Financial Crisis hit, while she was loaded with debt, her “shoot for the moon” mentality sometimes lead to misunderstandings in the workplace, all the while getting caught up in FOMO from social media overload. Rachel is also a freelance Graphic Designer, and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and their three boys.






Rachel asks…”How are you an exception to the rule?”

“Millennials have been constantly analyzed over the last couple decades. They have been famously criticized as being lazy and entitled, but have also been praised at times without merit. The hype surrounding this generation has created many confusing stereotypes.

Some of the best insight I’ve gained from fellow millennial writers are those who are different than the “average” millennial in some way. In developing a personal brand writing from a unique perspective will give you a clear voice, which will help people gain greater understanding to so-called millennials. Having a clear voice will make people want to listen to you, and bring you back to their platform.

A few examples::

-81% of millennials have at least one source of long-term debt. Are you a rare debt-free millennial? Your experience may be helpful to your peers who are struggling to reach their financial goals.

-59% of millennials are single and have never been married, and are putting off having kids. If you’re married and/or have children you may be able to talk about relationships in a way that resonates with millennials.

-Although 66% of millennials would like to own their own business someday, financial setbacks have made this difficult to achieve. Have you built your own business? Share the attitudes and plans that helped you navigate a less than stellar economy.

How are you an exception to the rule? How do you break a stereotype? Writing from that perspective can help give greater definition to an over-caricatured generation. Millennials are much more nuanced than they are presented in the hype.”
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Rachel shares…

“Reach out to me on Twitter. I’d like to know how to create a culture of respect, in a divisive social media world.”