“Real Talk”

Today’s “Millennial To Watch” is Mohnish Soundararajan.

Who Is Mohnish? 
Mohnish is the founder and host of Real Talk, a new podcast for people 15-25 years old primarily (or anyone struggling at “adulting”) to talk through the hard things about growing up. In his spare time, he’s worked for New York Times bestselling authors including Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene, a few startups like Book in the Box and UnCollege, and even helped launch and market Wall Street and Amazon bestsellers.

Why Should You Care?
If you’re a student, Mohnish and his co-hosts can share valuable information that you can use in your academic, personal, and professional lives over the next decade. If you’re an entrepreneur, author, or person of influence, Mohnish is part of my personal “A-Team” of people I look to for marketing advice among my Millennial-aged peers. He’s worked directly with some of the top media manipulators and marketing campaigns and has walked away with a knowledge base of ideas, strategies, and know-how that is hard to match. He may be able to help you have more influence in your work so you can better serve the people who rely on you most.

What You Can Learn From Mohnish?
1) How to make growing up “easier”
2) How to work on projects and career pursuits you are really passionate aboutin exchange for things that seem smart traditionally, but aren’t sound investments of your time and energy for our generation.
3) The truth about your high school experience.

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