“Be brutally, terribly, horribly honest”

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Rosemary Mac Cabe

“Hi! I’m Rosemary Mac Cabe, a blogger, journalist and “social media superstar” (quote: my mum) from Dublin, Ireland. I write, essentially, about myself – across a whole host of topics, from feminism to fashion, working out to getting a colonic. I occasionally contribute to newspapers and magazines in Ireland, too, and regularly feature on television and radio. I live in Dublin with my dog, Coileán (K[wil]-awn) and my boyfriend, Stephen, an accountant who keeps me in check, both financially and otherwise. ”

Rosemary shares…”Be brutally, terribly, horribly honest”

“The biggest lesson I have to teach? Honesty. Seriously – it’s my selling point. I am brutally, terribly, horribly honest. And no, I don’t mean that I’m that person who’ll tell you if you’re a total pain in the ass. I’m polite, for crying out loud – I’m just honest about myself. Your secrets are your own, I promise.
My mother once told me that my oversharing would be the death of me, but as it happens it’s turned out to be my USP. I’ll happily talk about almost every aspect of my life on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram… And it’s what makes people connect with me.

A big part of it is down to confidence – I’m comfortable with who I am – but I also have a really low tolerance for BS, and I don’t possess the ability to BS about myself, either. I’m absolutely incapable of putting on a front, or of portraying a certain “look” – I wouldn’t know how to be “on” if you paid me $10,000. I’m just me, and in the age of social media saturation and a kind of ultra-filtered perfection we’ve never known before, it’s actually turned out to be pretty rare – and, thankfully, very marketable.”

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Rosemary would like to ask you…

“You want to know what I’ve always wanted to know? Where do pigeons nest? I mean, is it just under bridges? You never seem to see them nesting in trees or bushes… and I feel like, I dunno. They could do with some nice, leafy nesting. Their lives seem so, so grim. If you know the answer – and it’s happy, Disney-movie-worthy news, tweet me @rosemarymaccabe