This Super Young Startup Team Just Changed The (News Reporting) Game (Forever)

Two words…


Fresco News just turned anyone with a smartphone into a photojournalist. We can all get to the scene of breaking news faster than media companies can, and now we can help decide what’s breaking news through our actions and awareness. This allows us to share what matters rather than waiting for the story to be morphed, tainted, and otherwise colored to distort the truth.

Here they are today in the Wall Street Journal.

And in Mac Rumors

…and in the New York Post (okay, this is getting crazy, real quick)


But seriously, I’m really proud of all these guys and gals. They are perhaps one of the youngest startup teams I’ve ever come across. The CEO is 20, and the rest of the C-Suite is +/- 5 years his age. In fact, I don’t think anyone is over 25 in the company, even though they are almost at 25 employees. Crazy.

I get the pleasure of working in the same office as Fresco News every day, and I can tell you firsthand that they are on a mission. Labor Day? Just another day to work, of course. Early to start, late to leave, Fresco News is out to democratize news…which is EXCITING! Like, disrupt decades old industry exciting.

Check out their new app here!