$282,000+ In 35 Days…

In One Day Of Actual Work (Phones Off, In A Quiet Spot, Tummy Full Of Healthy Food, Coffee In Hand, And Asana/Evernote/Whatever Open On Your Computer, With Notifications Disabled), You Could Set A Day-By-Day Plan-of-Attack To Generate Over $282,000+ In New Revenue For Your Company In Just Over One Month.

What’s happening!?!

Relax, it’s just a lot of words…that’s all. At least you didn’t have to write all this. This took me HOURS! Like, my entire Saturday.

Anyways, I’m glad you found this page. Thanks for your time.

Picture this:

You’re heading to the airport. The same one you always fly out of.

Instead of having to be “patted down” by TSA, fighting herds of “sheeple” to be the first to sit in a metal tube, and shot through the air at a speed that makes babies shreek, you pull up to Arrivals and see your favorite 6’2 redhead waiting for you…

That’s Me!!!

You’re ready to GO! For breakfast at least. Cause, we’re going to your favorite spot. But we’re eating healthy of course. Black coffee for me. Maybe some eggs. This isn’t the day to be ordering your Venti Mocha Frappuccino with extra whip cream and a Lemon poundcake. Nope; we need you focused. Fueled and ready to go.

Then we’re heading to your office or your place…whichever you do your best work from…and buckling in for a “VIP Day”. All we are talking about is your business, your goals, and the people you need to meet to connect the dots. We’ve already decided the agenda, and I’ve come prepared with some notes, so we’ve skipped brainstorming and are going straight into strategies, tasks, things to execute, dates you’ll need to complete everything by, and “do this, NOT that” conversations.

It’s not your fault that everyday isn’t like this. The sad reality is that we are all apart of these helpful online communities and networks, but the ideas and resources we are getting from those groups is:

  1. Watered down…it’s only 10% of what the person behind the screen knows and/or is willing to share and/or had time to type and click “post” about….
  2. Isn’t “real time”…maybe the ideas being shared don’t help you right now, which means they’ll get lost in the NOISY INTERNET that we live and die by as entrepreneurs…like, raise your hand if you’ve wasted hours of time at the office or even in bed clicking through YouTube, reading random clickbait articles, or scanning those bullshit free eBooks you gave your email away to get, only to get bombarded with automated email marketing messages that make you want to yell at your screen and fly back home to ask your mom for a hug.
  3. Isn’t specific to you…Cool, Tim Ferriss has this “launch” strategy for his book, but he also has millions of social media followers, access to anyone, and legions of fans that will bumrush any high end supermarket or fitness store to buy whatever the fuck he recommends.

And as awesome as our friends are, they can only share half an hour or an hour’s worth of advice at a time, and usually it’s coming from a place of exhaustion as they scramble to figure out what the hell they’re doing with their lives since none of us actually know anything and we’re all trying to figure it out together.

Case in point…I’ve offered a lot of free stuff online to anyone who wants to read it.

Like this 7000+ word mega blog post on my entire marketing plan for the 3 Billion Under 30 book launch.

Or this Part One of Three Posts about how to build a world-class network (parts 2 and 3 are no longer available, and I had only sent them to people who cared enough to let me know via a simple optin…just to get their buy-in before wasting my time on helping them further).  

Or “How To Make An Extra $1000 In A Few Hours With A No-Risk Side Hustle”

I’ve also helped tons of friends, for free, to score meetings with Senior VPs at Fortune 500 companies, get featured in major press outlets, score new business contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars, earn grants from organizations like NASA that were worth more than a quarter million dollars, piece together parts of speaking lineups for their conferences, and so much more. All for free.

But, I’ve learned from running my own businesses now that, you get what you pay for.

Every time I’ve invested in attending an important “high ticket” conference, paying for a team member (like the 3 Billion Under 30 contributor who set up all my email marketing and funnels for the book launch, who used to run launches for an 8-time NYT bestselling author), hiring a designer long-term because he made epic videos that got thousands of views each, brought on speaking coaches to improve my craft, etc….I’ve come out making wayyyyy more money than I invested. And, I got smarter. I became more competent. It always feels like Rocky celebrating at the top of the steps he runs up in Philly in every. single. movie.

Same with my clients. In the last three years, my firm Kleinert Ventures has been the “go-to” marketing and business development firm for helping #1 NYT bestselling authors, record-breaking Indiegogo campaigns, Thiel Fellows, Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees, Fortune 500s, various 7-figure businesses, and even the United Nations. I’ve helped folks get ready to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, book five-figure contracts on the regular, grow personal brands, and more. It’s been incredible to see these companies grow.

And about that $282,000+ in one month headline? It actually happened for one of my clients…

“Jared knows how to put gas on the fire to accelerate growth. He helped my company Ample increase from $85,000 to over $367,000 during my month-long crowdfunding campaign and achieve the #1 food campaign in Indiegogo history. We then closed a $1 million dollar round in two weeks and are now turning away investment opportunities. This type of traction doesn’t happen by chance; it must be engineered, and Jared is the master of engineering results.” – Connor Young, CEO of Ample 




What’s included:

  • 8 hours of VIP strategy on your business
  • 2 hours of fun social time that re-energizes you to actually do shit with the strategy we set.
  • “Take home” notes, templates, screenshots, and training(s).
  • An agenda comprising of your choice of FIVE (5) of the 10 topics below

#1 – How To Build A World-Class Network In Record Time – We will sit down and determine exactly who it is you need to meet in your professional life and how you can go about meeting those types of people. We’ll also talk about strategies you can use to accelerate your entire network-building process, hacks to provide more value to the people you meet, and how to do all this in a way where it doesn’t become another side hustle for you to manage.

#2 – How To Build “Social Proof” (Even If You Don’t Have A Degree Or Case Studies For Your Work) – Everyone wants to speak at TEDx (surprisingly, less want to go for TED…hmmmmmmmm. Anyways, everyone ALSO wants to be a “bestselling” author, get featured in press, and blah blah blah. It’s important, but it doesn’t make you MONEY unless you leverage it properly. Let’s talk about how to get credibility in your industry quickly and leverage it to grow your business.

#3 – How To Do Customer Development For Your High-Quality Product/Service – I can’t help you if you don’t do great work. Thankfully, YOU DO! And I appreciate you (cue the DJ Khaled GIF). Customer development is what I start doing with all my clients on Day 1, and it’s the most overlooked thing when it comes to marketing your business. I’ll share my process, templates, and tactics with you so you can identify your top-performing customers and speak to them in a way that generates new marketing material for you as well as an “Ideal Customer Profile” that can be used to guide all product and marketing decisions.

#4 – How To Write And Publish A Book In A Time And Cost Effective Manner, And In A Way That Will Actually Help You Grow Your Career – We can cover the differences between traditional and self-publishing, how to become a better writer overnight through some voice-to-text hacks of a 4 time NYT bestselling author, and how to align a book with your business goals. Now that I’ve written two books, one of which became the #1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015, and have had both grow my speaking and consulting practices, I can run your through everyone (cause walking through it is for beginners).

#5 – How To Quickly Kickstart Your Marketing Funnel And Develop New Business – How do you generate new leads? Nurture those who are interested? Do you treat everyone the same, or focus on “Ideal Customers” mostly and allow others to go at their own pace? How you set up your marketing funnels can show us how predictable your business is, or isn’t. Let’s fix those funnels! 

#6 – How To Hire A Small But Mighty Team Of Outsourced Help And Manage Everyone Effectively Through Written Procedures That Scale – It has been the privilege of a lifetime to work with incredible people from all over the world. Right now, I have a full-time VA in Bulgaria who is a badass, and she is super helpful to the early stages of the new 3 Billion Under 30 business. So is the gentleman I hired full-time in Kosovo who is making all my videos and images for social media (he made my recent speaking reel). I pay them, total, $1K per month (that’s $500 each for full time work!!!!). And, they love it. And, they do amazing work. And, that’s more than the regular wage where they live. #Damn. I’ll share how I found them, and how I train my entire team and will operate all my companies in the future through written procedures that are stupid simple.

#7 – How We Have Stockpiled Over 6 Months Of High Quality Video, Blog, And Social Media Content That Will Generate “Passive Income” For Us: You’ll see the effects of this soon publicly, but “behind the scenes” we’ve made it easily for ourselves to make 6-9 months worth of daily content that will in turn sell books, build my personal brand, and put my content in front of influencers. It’s a “Gary Vaynerchuk” process that we’ve made replicable for the modest resources we have, but it’s something you can do too. I’ll show you how.

#8 – How To Build An Outbound Sales Funnel – My clients have regularly received five figure contracts through a system that gets smarter over time. That system is an outbound sales system, which works with “funnels” that you can map, tweak, and review regularly. It’s better than the “spray and pray” method most businesses use to acquire new customers, and if you sell products or services worth four figures per transaction or more, this should be discussed during our VIP day. 

#9 – How To Live Without Owning Anything – Not sure if you knew this, but I don’t own a house, car, or more than 2 weeks’ worth of clothes. I Airbnb everywhere, travel using Ubers and Turo (fun rental car service), see my family all the time, and save a ton of money. And, I never have to think about that stuff.

#10 – Whatever You Want! Maybe you look up to me for something else, and want to ask me about that. We can dedicate some time to that, too! Just let me know what you’d like to learn and if I feel I have adequate expertise in that arena, we’ll set aside time to review it. 

This sort of “VIP” day will provide the most benefit for any startup founder with less than 10 employees, coaches/consultants/freelancers who drive their business off a personal brand, aspiring or ‘I want to take things to the next level” authors and speakers, community managers, and those who have relationship-based businesses.

This is probably NOT right for you if you’re personal funds are week-to-week right now, or you MUST get all the likes and comments on social media, but wouldn’t be comfortable giving up hour-to-hour relevancy (if you were the first to share the “Cash Me Outside” girl, this probably won’t work out), or you’ve never paid for any sort of event, or training, or program, or coaching, or any books before. No one can convince you to invest in yourself, other than yourself.

Other than that, let me wrap up…

I’m charging just $2997 for this VIP Day (+ the cost to fly me RT from NYC to wherever you are).

For comparison, before I began offering these VIP Day services I’ve NEVER allowed anyone in the past to hire me just for a day, or at an hourly rate, and my current speaking fee is $15,000 to deliver a one hour keynote and perhaps some Q&A.

My usual consulting clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to work with me and my team for months at a time.

And when I’ve done these VIP days at $997, $1497, and $1997, they’ve sold out and eaten up my calendar for months. At $2997, people still aren’t batting an eyelash (and my mentors are saying I’m charging too little), and so perhaps I’ll have to bump up this price shortly as well :). 

Why am I charging so little, and what’s my “no risk” guarantee?

There’s a few reasons. From a “friend” standpoint, I want to see you succeed. With such a heavy discount on my time and hard-earned knowledge, the price point is really there just so you “bring it” and have skin in the game, and to justify pulling myself away from the office from a business-building standpoint.

Also, my favorite part of consulting and speaking is the travel aspect, spending time 1-on-1 with cool people in their element, and having fun. I’ve had clients literally meant significant others for the first time during our VIP day social outings, and out of respect for the people involved, I won’t even begin to go into detail about the epic-but-embarrassing Karaoke sessions I’ve witnessed. Besides that, I love the rapid iterations and speed that comes with a “VIP day” like this. It always gets the best results as far as strategy is concerned.

From a “business” standpoint, I know a certain percentage of friends who invest in this opportunity will hire me for more work or refer me to those regular $18K+ clients. Not only that, but this is my “beta” test for a down-the-road service from 3 Billion Under 30 designed to build audience, thought leadership, and network for some of our book contributors, customers, and community members. You’re my guinea pig before I take these same fundamentals to those people who collectively run companies worth billions of dollars and already influence hundreds of millions of people each month through their platforms and inventions. Yes, you’re special :).

My guarantee is that if you don’t find our day together valuable, I’ll refund your investment entirely and I’ll also write a $500 check to the charity of your choice.

So, are you in?

Email me at jaredkleinert@gmail.com or text me and let me know that you’re game for this.



PS – in case you’re curious, here’s what more people had to say about working with me.

“Jared has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed.” – Brian Smith, founder of UGGs

“Before Jared, my business was growing steadily and was well-respected. However, after working working with Jared is when my sales figures really took off. It is also when 7 and 8 figure marketers started coming to me with words of admiration and encouragement, wondering what I had done differently than they had in order to market my services.” – Bonnie Fahy, Founder of Ellan Media

“Jared is a remarkable young man who is wiser and more insightful than his years would suggest. I count him a friend and appreciate the work we have done together deeply.” – Keith Ferrazzi, former CMO of Deloitte and #1 NYT bestselling author of Never Eat Alone 

“I have learned so much from him in our interactions…” – Sophie Vlessing, Former Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation at Kaplan Higher Education Group

“[Jared] is a master networker who is personable and generous, identifies opportunities, and connects the dots all around.” – Daniela Busse, Director, Global Innovation Network at Citi Ventures

Remember, there’s no form on this page to apply. And you don’t need to. I wouldn’t take you on as a client if I didn’t think we’d work well together or you wouldn’t get an ROI…so, email me if you’re interested to RSVP your day with me. Thanks again. You’re the bomb dot com.