Battle perceptions

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Today’s #MillennialToWatch is Yana Vlatchkova

Yana Vlatchkova is a co-founder of Swipes, a tech company building a better way of working for teams. The Danish-Bulgarian startup is now based in Palo Alto, California, where Yana resides. She leads the operations and creates a company culture of happiness, thus her team calls her the Mother of Dragons. Yana is a hustler that loves moving big ideas forward. Her background is in Marketing Management.

Yana shares…”The perception that only once you are good at something, you are worthy of creating, is destructive.”

“I can teach people about product marketing and market positioning, about idea validation and business scaling. I often do. But what I really aim to give people during our communication is the motivation and courage to take on challenges and create things.

I find that the perception that only once you are good at something, you are worthy of creating, is destructive. It takes away the courage to start, it trips you over in the process and you might never get to the finish line. Thus, I show people a process of persistence to become doers that set goals and achieve them, and then repeat that again and again, and again.

Most people think that finding something you love doing is hard. It is the thing stopping them from excelling. But what I think is much harder is to love what you are doing and dedicating yourself to it. No matter what is and no matter how temporary it is. Being good at something is a habit and the only path to find that is worth being great at.”

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Yana would like ask you…

“What is the thing that brings happiness to you at work?”

Let Yana know what you think by replying to her on Twitter @YanaVlatchkova.