You Used To Call Me On My Cell Phone…

But Now You Clicked My E-mail Sig 😉

Screenshot 2016-03-04 23.52.36

(Yes. I was Drake for Halloween last year. And. It. Was. AWESOME!)

I’ve always been curious as to who reads my email signatures. Now I’m a little more knowledgeable, so thank you!

Since you helped me, and I have your attention, let me reiterate the ways I may be able to help you.

1) Marketing your company. I’ve been a go-to marketing consultant for #1 NYT Bestselling authors, Fortune 500s, founders of billion dollar brands, Olympians, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honorees, 7-figure businesses, and more. I’m not cheap to work with, but I sell you back precious time and ultimately save you money in figuring out what the hell to do with your next product launch, in scaling your current business, and/or in getting people’s attention (like I have here with you!). Learn more at

2) Introducing you to cool people. Reach out and I’ll invite you to some crazy dance parties, dinners, events, comedy shows, or wherever me and my friends are hanging out this weekend. I hang out with people as varied as nuclear scientists who developed nuclear fusion reactors in their garages at 17, popular YouTubers, founders of companies that sold for 8 figures or more, and everything in between. Reach out at and we will make something happen ;).

3) Sharing epic content about world-class Millennials with you. This one is simple. Follow me on my email newsletter (which is easily findable on my website) and I’ll message you here and there with info about upcoming books I’m writing, opportunities to get free stuff, and more.